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Catalog home accessories

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Catalog artistic stuff                                                    Catalog agency

Original design lamps and home accessories

Our products (design lights and unique clocks) are designed with simplicity and depth, which is the approach of  “uit Wonderland”. In October 2014 we started to design home accessories, but we did not ignore the artistic aspect. It’s like tattooing bubbles. Casually we create something lasting and just those things you will find here ….

Our lamps and clocks are crafted in small and limited editions- do not only have in common that they are original, they also combine sustainable and high quality materials with original applications; by their relationship arises the thoughtful Wonderland identity.   Light and time … there is not much more to ‘shape’ our existence.

Environmental responsibility

Each and every saving and responsible use of the environment contributes the future. Designer lamps and unique clocks from Wonderland are based on this belief; the choice of our materials is primarily founded on sustainability and quality. Therefore, for the energy usage we settle with no less than A + energy. The LED light sources used by us tend to consume 85% less energy than the previous generation and have a life span that is at least 40 times higher; the wood which is used comes from sustainably managed forests and the processed plastics have a long life and are also one hundred percent recyclable. Permanent snow should remain forever permanent.

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