the colour of time


If you think about time you can not quickly figure out what is the reverse of it and I do not mean going back in time. Mathematics provides a solution, it can write ‘t’ for time and then ‘ 1 / t’ simply is the reverse. This is a known form of physics namely frequency, a number of events per second. Sound has frequency pitch. The frequency of light is color.

They are fast events in short periods of time: sound 40 to 15,000 and light approximately one hundred thousand billion (1014) vibrations per second. Our ear detects events lasting a thousandth of a second and translated them into pitch and then into music or voice . Our eyes see events at the atomic level. If, for example, we look at a wooden clock, the color is a translation of our brains of what happens when light hits the outer layer of wood molecules .

These are moments that can not be measured by our clock but that you can still tilt the time!

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