Jacob Troost

After his study Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague which was completed Cum Laude, Jacob has worked as a freelance designer for midsize clients and semi government; followed by a career as a business owner in translucent constructions.  By doing this he gained experience in the properties of various materials. Knowledge and skills about design and efficient applications eventually come perfectly together in “uit Wonderland”.

design philosophy

The ultimate strength of a design, obviously has its origins in a strong starting point. The simpler the translation into an application, the more vital the result. Each addition (subsequently) is often a prejudice. A title can indeed help the viewer in the right direction of the projected image. Too many clues destroy the tension.

The enthusiasm to imagine a starting point is to erase the conflicts that arise between the desires of an individual and the demands of the community; as you will find for example in literature and philosophy. It must be said: the importance of this urge cannot be underestimated. After all, they are just flat lights and just thicker clocks. Actually fabricate this two-dimensional personifications of views/opinions, if slightly possible i take myself as a subject. Easy and close-by. Maybe they are small ego-documents that can have some use to provide a space with light and time in my perspective.

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