in development

1) World theater

Prototype of a clock that shows you what time it is in the world and where it is day and where night. On the top -not moving- disc stand right ascending the numbers 1 to 24, whose numbers 18 to 6 on a semi transparent surface (night). On the lower -clockwise rotating- disc is the northern hemisphere and a line representing the zero meridian. The lower disc rotates in 24 hours over the northern hemisphere. At the height of the 0 meridian you can see what time it is. On the night part of the northern hemisphere lights cities with more than 4 million inhabitants.

cnc frees bob IMG_6312

Help with production Bob   Help with technology  Peter de Vos

2) Framework (wall lamp)

The two – dimensional steel wall lamp “framework” features a high-quality LED strip and is the first step towards a new series of lamps which we intend to take another minimalist yet richer tone ; entirely in the musical tradition of Philip Glass , Michael Nyman and Arvo Pärt . The lamp is to be operated by touch. See how the bottom can be the top. Optical illusion? Deceitfully beautiful! ( Edition 50 pieces)


available soon

3) Buzzing toddler

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-23 om 22.16.11

Big lamp (120 cm high) of powder-coated steel.

 4) Triptych (lamps)

1 laag voor de tekeningen erg smal copy

5) flat surface

uitwonderland 2d lamp klein mattere kleuren


6) A bright light

Prototype for a laser cut sheet of paper that forms a lampshade for a LED. This includes the transparent contour of the patent application of Edison’s light bulb.

7) Sink

verdwijnselende lamp

Mock-up for a lamp that needs to disappear in its environment.


Help of Eugene Paashuis in the production of the lamp

8) Horizontal time display (clock)

Sketch for an alarm clock that displays the time linearly.

9) Calendar Clock

kalender klok

The sketch of this calendar clock could consist of a thin layer of plastic on a metal writable surface or rewritable magnetic film (with magnets for the designation). On the top left is a light and in the upper right one can find magnets. Light will shine brighter as time gets closer to the magnet -on the site of the appointment.

10) Diogenes


Koning Diogenes

Diogenes lamp

Sketch for changeable projection -from the plinth- on the wall. Diogenes (404 – 323 BC) during the day searching as is known, with a lamp to a ” man.” An honest man.

9) Tasty pear, isn’t it?

lekker peertje he?

First sketch for a (LED ) Wall lamp ( from outlet ). The pear shape of the lamp is taken literally which is especially ideal if you have green power.


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